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Commission Price Index Guide

Medium Base Additional Characters Complex Background
Badge $20.00 -n/a- -n/a-
CG Badge $25.00 -n/a- -n/a-
Pencil $20.00 +$5.00 per -n/a-
Inked $28.00 +$5.00 per +$10.00
Traditional Color $45.00 +$7.00 per +$15.00
CG Color $42.00 +$7.00 per +$18.00

All prices are approximate based on 8x11 paper size.

Base backgrounds may include up to simple props or light shading, if computer generated (cg) more simple backgrounds are available.  Number of characters per page is limited by page size.  Please understand that more than 4 characters may incur a per character fee greater than $5.00  or $7.00, as appropriate, starting with the 5th character.  Excessive details or very complex pieces may incur a greater fee.

Standard U.S. Shipping on most work is $5.00, $15.00 for international.  CD's of commissioned work are available for $2.50, complete with high res, low res, and working scans if applicable.

Purchase of a commission does not grant automatic copyright release.  A copyright release for all means of reproduction, both electronic and physical, can be purchased for a specific period time and grant certain, limited, rights to create authorized copies.  However, it does not confer a license for reproduction for profit, only for personal enjoyment of the customer.  This release can be obtained in writing with the original commission order or post shipping.  Prices vary according to desires of copyright permission being sought.  Full copyright release is NOT available unless commission is being done as a "work for hire contract."

For exact prices, please contact Blue with as much information as possible for an accurate quote.

Examples of information for commission quote:

Skin/fur colors
Hair and eye colors
Age and build
General theme

As the artist, the following rights are reserved:

  1. The right to turn down any commission based on any reason as the artist sees fit.  The artist is not obligated to reveal this reason.
  2. The right to resell any completed abandoned commission.  Any money paid upfront for said commission prior to abandonment is non-refundable.  Abandonment is 90 days from time of completion without physical pick-up or delivery address being sent.
  3. The right to make prints or other media copies of commissioned work.  However, license will not be granted to 3rd parties for reproduction for profit rights without notification to the original commission customer.
  4. Any money placed down on commissioned work will not be refunded in the event of customer terminated contracts.  In the event of artist terminated contracts, 50% of the money placed will be refunded, 25% refunded if sketches and concept works are surrendered in lieu of money.
  5. No "re-do's."  Once a concept work is approved as the final concept, the finished worked will be based on that concept.  The artist gives ample time for changes.  However, once the final product is rendered, any significant changes that are sought will result in a new commission and the customer charged accordingly.
  6. Upon seeking a commission you agree to these basic terms with the understanding that further terms may be laid out and discussed as the course of the commission develops.  All terms will be put into writing and agreed on by both parties.