Bullet Welcomes You to the Studio

Welcome to our comic studio

Greetings and salutations you crazy web surfer! Welcome to the home of the loveable black cat, Bullet, and his minons, Joey and Blue. We've got a few projects on the old fire stewing for dinner later. Take a look around and get to know us and heck, maybe we'll even see you around on the convention circuit.

About Us


Black Cat Comics and Studio was first put up with the first published web comic "Further North." Naming the company after one of the fan favorite characters, Bullet the Cat, who also happens to be a well-loved real life pet. The company was mostly tied to the comic with a few interludes for the occasional commission and conbadge sale with only one or two conventions in that time. Black Cat Comics and Studio was put on hiatus when the artist fell extremely ill and all her efforts were put towards recovering. Now, shaking off the dust, the company is ready to remerge from it's long slumber to once again attempt to pick up where it left off. More recently Blue had been doing graphics for web games and game fans in her spare time. Currently, they've begun to work on their latest comic "6-Pack" along with considerations of up coming conventions. Just maybe you'll see them at a convention near you.